About us

About us


The world is changing faster than ever before. We can’t deny these changes. We can only deal with them.

DealA was started in 2020 as a coupon website targeted to rare offers that were not presented on other coupon websites.

We keep in mind the idea of helping people and their families, forced to stay at home due to pandemic, to save money and time while shopping online.

The only constant in life is change
- Heraclitus

Taking to account the ever-growing need for savings caused by global economic turmoil, the idea of partnership with mid- and small-size online stores looked like a benefit to both sellers and buyers.

It’s a true art to find a way to adapt to change and even take advantage of it.

That’s exactly what we are doing here in DealA, building and continuously improving our platform.

We believe that the hard work of our team will result in a high value for our partners and visitors of our website.