Pura Review: An In-Depth Pura Smart Home Diffuser and Scents Review

Pura Smart Diffuser Review: We take a close look at the new smart diffuser that’s popular on Instagram. Can it make your room smell like your favorite candles? We give you our honest thoughts in our Pura Review.

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Our Best Home Fragrance Diffuser: Pura Smart Diffuser

What’s even nicer than candles? Something that smells just like a candle but costs less. Meet Pura, the world’s top smart diffuser. Get Pura and enjoy your favorite scents, such as Capri Blue, and many more.


  • Familiar scents you love
  • Affordable device
  • Holds two scents, not just one
  • You can control it with your smartphone
  • It has a nightlight


  • Limited coverage (but you can buy 2 if needed)
  • Requires wifi

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Pura Smart Diffuser Review

Are you tired of traditional scent diffusers that run out of water and oils too quickly, or do you forget to turn them on when they dry up? Do you crave the convenience of a plug-in diffuser but find that the scents just aren’t up to par? Look no further.

In this article, we introduce you to the Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser, a game-changer in the world of home fragrances. Read on for an in-depth Pura review and discover why it’s a must-have addition to your home.

Why Choose Pura 4 Device as your Smart Home Diffuser?

The Pura 4™ smart fragrance diffuser is an excellent choice for your home, and here’s why:

1. Safe & Pure Scents

Pura 4 takes your safety seriously by partnering with premium fragrances crafted from ingredients that are safe and clean. This consideration is especially important if you have children or pets in your home. It guarantees that the scents it disperses won’t pose any harm to your loved ones, providing peace of mind while enjoying a delightful aroma in your living space.

2. Long-Lasting Fragrance

Thanks to the innovative Puralast™ technology integrated into the Pura 4, you can revel in long-lasting fragrance experiences. Each smart fragrance vial has an extended lifespan of up to an impressive 120 hours. This means you won’t find yourself constantly replacing fragrance vials, saving you valuable time and money in the long run.

3. Smart Features

Pura 4 comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of intelligent features accessible through a user-friendly app. This level of convenience allows you to customize your scenting experience to suit your preferences effortlessly. You can fine-tune fragrance intensity and set schedules and timers, all at your fingertips. This level of customization empowers you to create the ideal atmosphere in your home, whether you want a subtle, soothing scent for relaxation or a more robust fragrance to invigorate your space.

What’s more? You can also turn off fragrances when you’re not at home using Pura’s auto-away feature, enhancing efficiency and saving fragrance.

4. Adaptive Scent

The adaptive diffusion technology within the Pura 4 goes a step further to enhance your scenting experience. It intelligently reads the temperature in your home and adjusts the fragrance intensity accordingly. This ensures a consistent and reliable scenting experience, regardless of changing environmental conditions. No matter if it’s a hot summer day or a chilly winter evening, Pura 4 adapts to maintain your desired ambiance.

5. Room Coverage up to 1,000 square feet

Pura 4’s Puralast™ technology is designed to provide an efficient and comprehensive space-filling fragrance. The diffuser learns from your feedback to efficiently distribute the scent throughout your space (up to 1,000 square feet), ensuring that every corner of the room is enveloped in your chosen fragrance. You won’t have to worry about certain areas being left out of the aromatic experience.

6. Effortless Vial Swapping

Swapping fragrance vials has never been easier with Pura 4. The device offers automatic vial detection, streamlining the process of changing scents. Simply insert a smart fragrance vial, and Pura 4 will automatically detect the fragrance, ensuring a seamless transition from one fragrance to another.

7. Smart Vials

Smart vials are specially designed fragrance vials that communicate with Pura 4 to extend their lifespan up to an impressive 120 hours. These vials optimize efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of your chosen fragrances. The smart vials enhance the overall performance of the diffuser, making it a cost-effective choice for long-term fragrance enjoyment.

8. Versatility

Pura 4 offers versatility in your fragrance choices. It is compatible with both smart vials, designed for enhanced efficiency, and non-smart vials. This compatibility gives you the flexibility to select from a wide range of fragrance options to suit your mood and preferences, making it a versatile solution for your home.

How to Use the Pura Smart Fragrance Home Diffuser?

Say goodbye to unsightly cords and cluttered countertops. The Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser is a compact device that plugs directly into any electrical outlet, offering flexibility in placement, even in small spaces. To get started, download the Pura app, which empowers you to customize every aspect of your Pura device, from scent selection to scheduling.

When you install a new scent, simply enter the scent code located on the Pura scent bottle in the app to identify your fragrance. A word of caution: keep the diffuser upright at all times to prevent fragrance spillage, though the rotating plug prongs help maintain its vertical position.

Setting Up Your Fragrance Schedule

With the ability to connect multiple Pura plugins in your home to the app, you can customize scents for each room. Here’s how to set up your fragrance schedule:

  • Assign Room Names: You can assign each room a name and schedule according to your preference.
  • Adjust Start Time: Simply tap on the calendar icon to adjust when the diffuser should start dispersing your chosen scent.
  • Personalize Intensity: You have the flexibility to adjust the intensity of the fragrance to suit your mood.
  • Fine-Tune Your Schedule: Further fine-tune your schedule by specifying start and end times, selecting the days of the week, and even enabling the night light feature. The night light can illuminate your path in a color of your choice, ensuring you don’t stumble in the dark.

Our Pura Scents Reviews

Pura Scents Reviews

One of Pura’s standout features is its wide array of fragrances. Partnering with popular candle companies, Pura replicates beloved candle scents. With new and exciting fragrances regularly added, there’s always something fresh to explore. Whether you’re a fan of classics or prefer unique scents, Pura has you covered. For instance, the Capri Blue Volcano scent offers a familiar favorite without the hassle of candles.

What are the best Pura Scents?

Some of the best Pura scents include Capri Blue Volcano, Capri Blue Havana Vanilla, Homesick Hawaii, Becki Owens Coconut Calm, and Brooklyn Candle Studio Santorini. These coastal-inspired scents are not only reasonably priced but also readily available.

Explore the best-selling Pura scents for different seasons here!

How long do the Pura Scents last?

According to Pura’s website, each Pura scent vial lasts approximately 100 hours at an intensity level of 5, assuming you run the Pura device for 4 hours daily. The Pura mobile app keeps track of usage, allowing you to monitor the remaining fragrance. While the app provides accurate estimates, you can also inspect the vial visually.

Why can’t I smell anything from my Pura?

Sometimes, you might wonder why you’re not experiencing any fragrance from your Pura diffuser. There are a few reasons this might happen:

  • There could be a problem with your Pura (you can ask their helpful support team for assistance).
  • The smell you chose might not be strong enough for your room. Pura’s website tells you if a smell is subtle, medium, or strong. Subtle smells work for smaller rooms, while strong ones are better for bigger spaces.
  • If you put two similar smells in your Pura, like two citrus scents, it might be hard for your nose to notice when it changes. If you use the same smell all the time, you might get used to it and not notice it as much.

Why switch from Candles to Pura?

For starters, there’s no flame involved. How many times have you left the house and returned home worried that you left a candle burning? That’s not a concern with Pura!

Moreover, Pura can utilize your phone to track your location and automatically switch off when you’re not at home.

Candles can also be quite costly – a single Capri Blue Candle can easily set you back over $30!

Review: Pura vs Expensive Candles vs Aera Home Diffuser

Product Cost Per Vial / Capsule Cost Breakeven Point
Pura $44 $12 After 4 vials
Expensive Candles $0 $30 Never
Aera $200 $50 After 5 capsules

Pura vs Aera

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mix two Pura diffuser fragrances?

The Pura device allows for two scents at a time, but combining scents directly is not an option. If you activate one scent while another is running, the former will replace the latter. However, you can create separate schedules for each scent, achieving a similar effect.

How far does Pura cover?

Pura’s app lets you adjust scent intensity to suit the room’s size and your preferences. Larger spaces benefit from higher intensity, while smaller ones can have a milder scent.

In our mostly open floor plan, we’ve observed that Pura can effectively scent approximately 1,000 square feet. However, the outcome can vary depending on factors such as the type of scent, airflow conditions, and the layout of the space.

Do you require a smart home setup for Pura?

Pura is a smart device that solely relies on Wi-Fi and a smartphone. Although we have a fully smart home, we only utilize the basic scheduling features. You don’t have to own a smart home to use Pura.

How much does Pura cost?

Pura Diffuser comes at a reasonable $44.99, making it a smart choice for your wallet while treating your senses. The refill costs are not only more budget-friendly than purchasing candles but also offer extended usage.

Depending on your chosen scent intensity (ranging from 1 to 10), a single fragrance can fill your space for over 100 hours. The convenience of effortlessly changing scents using your smartphone further enhances your savings, eliminating the need to buy a new candle every time.

Conclusion: Is a Pura Diffuser worth it?

If you’re searching for an easy, safe, and budget-friendly way to fill your living space with delightful scents, the Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser is unquestionably a worthwhile investment. Offering customizable scents, scheduling options, and seamless integration into your smart home, it brings a new level of convenience and adaptability to your surroundings.

When it comes to cost, Pura takes the lead as a compelling alternative to traditional candles. It not only saves you money in the long run but also adds the brilliance of smart features that candles can’t even come close to matching. Whether you’re comparing it to expensive candles or other home diffusers like Aera, Pura consistently proves itself as the superior choice.

In summary, the Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser delivers a delightful and hassle-free way to immerse your home in various appealing scents. Its commitment to safety, durability, smart functionality, adaptability, and versatility makes it a highly recommended addition to your living space.

As a bonus, if you want to explore our comprehensive list of the best home diffusers, check our article here. And remember, when it comes to enhancing your home’s ambiance, Pura Diffuser stands proudly as our top pick.

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