The World’s Most Popular Brand Tattoos

Which iconic brands are immortalized in ink by their loyal fans?

The power of branding is enormous in today’s society – it impacts your decisions from which coupons you collect to the gaming console you buy.

Although company popularity can come from brand discount codes and vouchers, customer love usually comes from a connection to the brand. Some companies bring nostalgia and childhood memories, are beloved by millions, and even inspire admiration in the form of body art.

DealA looked at over 50 of the world’s popular brands to reveal which companies and industries inspire the most ink, based on the number of Instagram hashtags.

The Top Five Most-Tattooed Brands

1. Disney | 474,458 Hashtags

The standout brand on the list is Disney, which has more tattoo posts on Instagram than all of the other brands combined!

The franchise that has stood the test of time has just as big an impact today as it had 50 years ago, and is one many people grew up with.

The vast size of the Disney franchise shows in the tattoo designs on Instagram, which range from classic characters like Mickey Mouse to Disney Princesses and even matching friendship tattoos.

2. Nintendo | 43,648 Hashtags

The Japanese video game company Nintendo has a worldwide impact as one of the most-tattooed brands online.

With smash hit series including Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Smash Bros, Nintendo is one of today’s most popular brands with the most dedicated fans.

3. Harley-Davidson | 11,804 Hashtags

A trademark of American motorcyclists, Harley-Davidson Motor Company is one of the most popular brands to be tattooed.

Bikers and fans worldwide show their brand loyalty with tattoos featuring the Harley-Davidson logo on a background of skulls, eagles, flames, and even the US flag!

4. LEGO | 11,764 Hashtags

LEGO tattoos are nothing new – with the establishment of the world-famous toy production company in the 1940s, generations have grown up building LEGO sets, from movie characters to villages.

The instantly recognizable toy brand has been tattooed onto people more than most other brands in the world.

5. Nike | 7,333 Hashtags

In fifth place, is Nike with 7,333 tagged Instagram posts for #niketattoo. The instantly recognisable Nike tick features in many tattoo designs, on its own and as part of the popular sneaker designs.

The Most-Tattooed Media Brand | Disney

The most-tattooed brand in the world is the media company Disney, which has 474,458 tagged Instagram tattoo posts.

The second most-tattooed media brand is Nickelodeon, with 1,784 posts for #nickelodeontattoo. Netflix tattoos also rank in the top 50.

Media brands are the most-tattooed out of all sectors, with 477,449 Instagram posts for tattoos of the brands on our list.

The Most-Tattooed Gaming Brand | Nintendo

Video games are a common source of tattoo inspiration all over the world. The breakdown of gaming brand tattoos shows the most popular ink ideas are based on Nintendo games and consoles, with a total of 43,648 posts on Instagram.

Some of the most-tattooed Nintendo characters include Pokémon, Kirby and Bowser, with the designs often including vibrant colours reminiscent of the games themselves.

Following behind is PlayStation, which has 6,682 posts on Instagram tagged #playstationtattoo.

The Most-Tattooed Fashion Brand | Nike

The most popular fashion brand to get tattooed is Nike, with 7,333 total Instagram posts for #niketattoo. The striking and distinctive logo from Nike shoes features in many designs, on its own and depicted on footwear.

Skate shoe and apparel brand Vans follows closely behind, with 7,255 Instagram posts.

High-end fashion houses are also popular for tattoos – there are 7,019 posts on Instagram with the tag #diortattoo.

The Most-Tattooed Automotive Brand | Harley-Davidson

Although cars are a popular choice for an automotive-themed tattoo, the winner in this category is the motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson.

Since tattoos are an integral part of biker culture, with many motorcycle clubs having their own tattoo designs, the popularity of Harley-Davidson outweighs all the car brands on our list.

In second place is Volkswagen with 5,991 tagged Instagram tattoo posts. In total there are 31,213 posts of tattoos from the automotive brands on the list.

The Most-Tattooed Toy Brand | LEGO

LEGO toys attract people with all kinds of interests, due to the wide range of sets, and are beloved by adults and children alike. The highly successful LEGO adults range offers builds from Marvel battle scenes to Adidas shoes. There are 11,764 #legotattoo posts on Instagram.

Other popular toy brands for tattoos include Hot Wheels with 178 tags.

The Most-Tattooed Food & Drink Brand | Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s brand logo is included in many tattoos inspired by the brand, on the red label of glass Coke bottles, and on the classic can.

While some Coca-Cola tattoos keep it plain and simple with an interpretation of the bottle or can, some go as far as to animate the drink into a cartoon-like character. In total there are 897 Coca-Cola tattoo posts on Instagram.

The World’s Most-Tattooed Brands Ranked

Take a look at the full ranking of the world’s most tattooed brand logos below.

So if you like any of the brands above, why not use them as inspiration for your next tattoo design? There are countless ways to incorporate your favorite brands and characters into an eye-catching art piece.


DealA wanted to reveal the companies with the most-tattooed logos in the world, therefore compiled a list of 70 popular brands across a range of industries.

We then investigated the number of Instagram posts that were tagged with the brand name followed by the word tattoo, as of 14/12/2021 and ranked the top 50 by a number of hashtags. This indicated the brands that were most popular as tattoos.