22 Best Websites to Sell Your Stuff Locally (Online and App-Based)

Are you looking to sell something to your local community? Don’t want to bother with the hassle of shipping or possibly being scammed by buyers you don’t know? There are plenty of platforms that you can turn to to help you sell your stuff.

Getting rid of your old stuff can be a great way to declutter while making a little bit of extra money on the side; however, there are also scams that you need to be aware of, or you could end up losing a lot more than you make. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best places to sell your stuff locally online, as well as share some tips and tricks for getting the most money for your items while avoiding getting scammed in the process.

Selling Stuff Locally Online

A young woman sorting packages for sale
A young woman selling her stuff online

Selling your stuff locally online is easy to do, and you’ll save lots of money on wrapping items, sealing boxes, and shipping your goods off to their new owner. When it comes to selling stuff online, it has never been easier, and your world is your marketplace. 

With a couple of clicks, listing and selling your goods is very simple, thanks to the likes of Facebook, Craigslist, Gazelle, eBay, OfferUp, and more.

Why you should sell your old stuff? 

Old items can clutter up your house, making it hard to keep organized and tidy. Selling stuff you no longer need will help you declutter your home, creating a more stress-free environment.

You may also be able to save money on moving costs if you sell your old stuff before you go to a new home. 

Selling your old stuff, or even other people’s old things, can also be a great way to make some extra pocket money. 

Considerations Before Selling Goods via E-commerce Platforms

A woman writing on a notebook
A woman planning her online selling business

While various platforms allow you to sell your stuff both locally and internationally, there are multiple things you need to consider to see which would be the best option for you.

The first thing you will need to consider is if you’re only interested in selling locally or if you want to reach beyond just your community. Selling locally can limit your market, but it can save you the money and the hassle of shipping and packaging your items.

Another thing to consider is that some platforms cater to various products.

In contrast, others specialize in specific things, such as used cars, or antiques and selling niche products on these websites might get you more bang for your buck.

What are the Some Legit Sites to Sell Stuff Locally?

A woman holding a mobile phone
A woman selling stuff online through mobile apps

The list of sites to sell stuff online is varied, covering everything from clothing to furniture, vehicles, and more.

Finding the right platform for yourself can be a challenge, and here we have detailed eight of the biggest and best websites for selling your stuff locally.

1. Gazelle

Gazelle is one of the best websites for selling things online, focusing on electronics such as laptops, tablets, and cellphones.

You can get an instant quote for your goods on their site and payment, have up to five days to accept or reject an offer, and payment will be via Amazon gift cards, check, or PayPal. 

While you might not get the same price for your goods as you would if you sold direct to someone on Facebook, the experience is much more hassle-free. You also don’t incur any shipping costs as the company provides you with a shipping label.

2. OfferUp (Formerly Letgo)

OfferUp is a platform that allows you to sell directly through buyers. You can sell various items through the site, from cars and trucks to clothing, shoes, furniture, and electronics.

The site has a rating system for both buyers and sellers to see that the person you’re selling to or buying from is legitimate. OfferUp also provides rewards for frequent users.

While there are no buying or selling fees with OfferUp, there are processing fees when you ship an item and optional promotional fees to highlight your listings. 

3. eBay (with Local Pickup)

eBay is one of the most well-known sites to sell items online. The site has over 187 million users, so you’re almost guaranteed someone will want what you’re selling.

You can sell virtually anything on eBay, from fashion and sporting goods to decor, toys, refurbished and second-hand items, and even motor vehicles.

eBay has several nifty features not seen on other sites, such as the ability to collect pre-payment and a choice of local pick up only if you don’t want to ship your items.

There aren’t any listing fees unless you’re a bulk seller who lists more than 200 items; however, there are payment fees if you choose to withdraw your money via PayPal. 

4. Craigslist

A woman packing a footwear
A woman selling apparel and footwear

Craigslist is one of the biggest and most well-known websites for selling stuff. You can sell anything on Craiglist, from antiques to clothing, car parts, toys, home appliances, games, and much, much more.

List your item for free in a matter of minutes and use the site to connect to buyers in your area. The Craigslist app, known as CPlus, makes it easy for sellers to create, edit and renew ads, add notes, and receive notifications. 

Unfortunately, Craigslist is not immune to scams, and with posts being anonymous, it doesn’t have a rating system, so it isn’t the safest place to sell your stuff online.

You may even want to use a disposable cellphone number when selling on Craigslist so that you don’t get harassed by spam calls.

5. VarageSale

VarageSale is a type of virtual garage sale where you can sell anything from furniture to outdoor equipment, sporting gear, clothing, electronics, vehicles, and more.

It is entirely free to list your items on VarageSale with no commissions, and it’s possible to bump your listing to the top without paying any extra fees.

There is an app for both android and iPhones, and all users are manually verified with proof of ID, so there is some level of security. You can also see members’ ratings and response times for further peace of mind. 

6. Facebook

Facebook offers some buyer and seller accountability as you need to have a valid Facebook account to interact with the platform.

Due to Facebook’s built-in messenger app, it is also straightforward to communicate with anyone interested in your items. 

And as one of the largest social media networks in the world, you’re bound to find someone who wants what you’re selling.

  • Facebook Marketplace: There are no limits to what you can sell on Facebook Marketplace. To list your items on the Marketplace, you’ll need to enter your location, as well as a description and photos of what you want to sell. 

    Your contacts can be alerted to what you want to sell, which makes selling to friends an option, while anyone can also submit an offer on your items. Potential buyers will also see things close to them first when they search for an item, making it easier to reach people in your community. It’s also totally free to sell on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Facebook Groups: Through Facebook groups, you can find like-minded people in your city or community that share similar interests or likes. You can sell directly into these groups to reach people interested in your product. 

    These groups can include everything from kiteboarding fanatics to new moms. Just be sure to check the group’s rules about posting and selling before you list your item.

7. NextDoor

This is an innovative free platform where you can join a neighborhood to sell directly to buyers in your local area. You can sell furniture, clothing, appliances, sporting goods, and more.

The neighborhoods can contain up to 3,000 households, with most having between 750 and 1,000. 

NextDoor will verify the name and address of anyone joining so you can rest assured that you’re advertising to people in your same physical neighborhood. Each neighborhood can share important community information alongside items for sale.

You can also share your things beyond your area using the nearby neighborhood feature of the site.

8. 5Miles

5Miles is one of the safest platforms for selling stuff locally, and it’s entirely free to use. You can use 5Miles to sell virtually anything, including electronics, furniture, clothing, home decor, and more.

Each user is verified with an ID check to avoid any fraud or spam happening on the site. There is also a social element to 5Miles as you can like listings and follow specific sellers who catch your attention. 

Are There Specialty Marketplace Websites for Selling Stuff Locally?

Five smartphones
Smartphones for sale

If you have an exceptional item, you may get more for it on a specialty marketplace. These specialty sites focus on goods like wedding dresses, tech gadgets, or vintage furniture, providing you with direct access to buyers willing to spend money on unique items.

9. DeCluttr

You can get excellent prices for used techs, such as cellphones, tablets, games, consoles, CDs, DVDs, i-pods, smartwatches, and e-readers, on DeCluttr. Get an instant evaluation for your items and then send them off with DeCluttr’s free shipping. 

One of the great things about DeCluttr is that they will pay you the day after receiving your goods, so you don’t need to wait very long to receive your money. There are also two different payment options available and the chance to get extra cash if you’re a student.

If DeCluttr deems your goods not to be of the quality stated though, they reserve the right to reduce the value. 

10. Swappa Local

Swappa is a site that connects sellers directly to buyers, with the idea being of cutting out the middle man. The site specializes in electronic items such as laptops, watches, video games, cameras, and cell phones

The way the site works carries a bit more effort on your part as you’ll be responsible for communicating with the buyer, verifying ownership, and unlocking your devices.

The platform doesn’t charge fees for their services; however, you can pay for a premium listing. The money you get will be paid out via PayPal.

11. PoshMark

Poshmark is the place to sell any fashion, beauty, home decor, and style items such as handbags, jewelry, shoes, makeup, and accessories. The site takes a commission of $2.95 for sales less than $15 and 20% for items above $15.

All you need to do to sell your items is list your product with its desired price and some photos. The site offers free authentication and free shipping, and you’ll be provided a label so that you can ship your item to the buyer. Once the buyer receives your goods, you will be paid.

12. Vinted

Vinted is an excellent community for selling second-hand fashion items like clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories.

Listings are free, and with over 45 million members, this is a great place to connect with other stylish sellers and buyers. You can also promote your listing for just $1.

13. BuybackBoss

BuyBack Boss is a great place to sell used phones, smartwatches, and other mobile devices. You can get instant quotes on your items, and if you decide to sell, you won’t incur any shipping costs as the site will provide you with a shipping label.

Once your device has been received and processed, you will get your payment on the same day via PayPal or check.

14. Etsy

A woman making handmade accessories
A woman selling handmade accessories

Etsy is an excellent site for anyone with an artsy, crafty mind. Through Etsy, you can sell various handmade crafts such as home decor items, jewelry, knitted toys, or even furniture.

Users can set up their own shop on Etsy, so this site isn’t strictly for second-hand goods; in fact, many of the items found here are brand new.

15. Toycycle

Toycycle is an online thrift store for all baby and children gear such as strollers, clothing, toys, blankets, tricycles, toys, activity centers, and more.

The site operates on a consignment basis, so they will hold your items until they find a buyer. They will take between $3 and $12 on your goods before paying you the rest.

16. Rubylane

This online platform sells vintage goods such as antiques, art, dolls, furniture, home decor, glassware, porcelain, jewelry, and fashion. The platform has strict policies on what can be listed, and your items need to be curated before they go up for sale. 

17. Bag Borrow or Steal

Bag Borrow or Steal is the go-to website for selling designer handbags. You can choose to connect with individual buyers via the platform, or you can also decide simply to sell to the website itself.

The store will inspect the bags being sold to ensure the quality and that they are not fake before selling on.

18. Once Wed

This pre-owned wedding website sells pre-loved bridesmaid dresses, flower girl outfits, and other wedding accessories. You can significantly reduce the cost of your wedding by buying or selling your dress on this website.

Once Wed charges fees of $19.95 per wedding dress listed and $5 for other accessories or attire.

19. Cash4Books

This is one of the best websites for selling used books and textbooks online. Your books need to be in good condition to sell them on Cash4Books.

Simply enter the ISBN of your books to receive an instant price for your item. If you accept the offer, Cash4Books will provide you with a shipping label, and you’ll receive a payment within two weeks of the items being received by the company.

20. Route 66 Furniture

Two men carrying a chair
Men helping online sellers move furniture

If you’re looking to sell your used furniture, then Route 66 will get rid of couches, beds, desks, chairs, tables, and more.

With Route 66, you sell directly to the site, and they will pick up your items, so you don’t need to worry about how a buyer will transport a bulky item of furniture. 

However, the site does take a 50% commission on all items, so you can end up making significantly less money this way.

21. Reverb

This is a fantastic platform for selling musical equipment on the internet. You can sell a wide range of musical gear on the site, including guitars, pianos, keyboards, drums, recording gear, and DJ equipment.

The platform charges upwards of 5% of the items you want to sell as payment for using the service. 

22. Play It Again Sports

Play It Again Sports chain store has over 300 physical stores in the United States selling new and used sporting goods. You can sell your sporting goods directly to the company, and if you have one in your neighborhood, this is a great way to sell your gear locally. 

Simply bring your equipment to your nearest Play It Again Sports store, and you’ll get an offer for your items. The store accepts a wide range of sporting equipment, from ski and snowboard gear to baseball and tennis items to watersports gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

A young man packing orders
A young man packing his products for his online customers

Where can you sell your stuff online for free?

As you can see, there are various places where you can sell stuff online. Some are free, while others take a commission on your items.

Facebook Marketplace is one of the most popular free platforms for selling stuff locally as no commissions are charged, and you’ll get access to a broad audience.

Other free platforms mentioned above include Varage Sale, Craigslist, and NextDoor.

How should you sell things online locally?

Whichever platform you choose, these tips and tricks will help you to be successful when it comes to selling your stuff for the right price. 

  • Choose the right platform: To sell your items quickly and for the best possible price, be sure to pick the platform that’s best suited for your product. Also, consider any commissions, fees, payout processes, and terms and conditions when choosing a platform.

  • Be personable: If you’re using a site where you need to communicate directly with the buyer, try to be friendly and personable in your responses. Be open to answering questions or giving your personal thoughts on the item you’re selling.

  • Be responsive: Try to respond as quickly as possible to any offers or requests to meet up. Selling stuff online can be competitive, so if you’re slow to respond, the buyer might find another product in the interim.

  • Clean and tidy: Your photos will sell the item, so be sure that the product is clean on a neat, plain background that doesn’t distract from the stuff you’re trying to sell. 

  • Upload high-quality photos: Make sure the images you take are clear, in good light, and high resolution so they don’t pixelate or look blurry when you upload them. Also, take multiple photos of your items from different angles to give buyers a good look at your stuff.
A woman taking a picture of a vase
A woman practicing product photography
  • Write honest product descriptions: Don’t try and hide any damage and be upfront about any problems your item may have. Also, it may be a good idea to state how old your item is to avoid any surprises on the buyer’s side. You don’t want to go through the whole hassle of selling and shipping your stuff only to have it returned.

  • Do not list counterfeits: Don’t create a bad reputation and risk being banned from sites by selling counterfeits. Most places have systems for picking up counterfeit goods, and you’re bound to be caught one day.

  • Be detailed: Be sure to add as many details as you can about what you’re selling. This includes things like the age of the item, how long you’ve had it, how it’s been stored, its condition, and its dimensions.

  • Clarify logistical details: Always be specific about if your item is for pick up only or if you are willing to ship or deliver what you’re selling. If it’s an oversized item, for instance, a piece of furniture, put the dimensions on the advert so the buyer can see if it will fit in their car or if they need to hire a trailer or moving van.

  • Decide on pricing and payment: Some platforms specify the payment methods available to the buyer and seller, whereas if you’re selling your item privately or directly to the buyer, you’ll need to determine if you only accept cash on collection or if another form of payment is ok with you.

  • Set a realistic price: Look at the competition and be realistic with the prices you set. Try not to let any emotional attachment you have to your things affect what it is worth.

  • Be prepared to negotiate: People may try and bargain with you on online selling platforms, so be ready to negotiate your price. It’s a good idea to have the lowest price you would be prepared to go in mind before you even set your listing live.

  • Follow platform guidelines: Different platforms have different rules regarding what you can sell, how many items you can sell, and even what days you can post. Be sure to familiarise yourself with these guidelines, or you could be kicked off the platform and won’t be able to use it to sell your goods in the future.

  • Stay safe: If you plan to meet with a buyer in person, you need to be wary and keep yourself safe. Don’t share personal data, plan meets up in a public place with other people around, only accept cash and check the bills, and bring other people with you.

What is the safest way to sell items online? 

Be very careful about falling victim to scams when selling stuff online. Using a legitimate website like the ones mentioned above with guaranteed payment methods will help ensure that you don’t end up not being paid for your goods. 

Websites, where you don’t have to meet with the buyer directly, can be safer, but you may end up making less money. However, there are certain things you can do to safeguard yourself, such as only meeting in a public space.

Also, be very cautious when sharing any details about yourself, especially when giving out your financial information.

How can a seller avoid being scammed online?

"Online Security" flashed on a computer screen
Trust only secured websites

Unfortunately, there is always a chance of being scammed online when you buy and sell things. However, there are some things you can do to minimize your risk of being scammed.

  • Use a trusted site: A trusted site will take care of all payment processes for you and may even verify buyers or show reviews, so you have less chance of being scammed. 

  • Only meet in person if you must: By meeting in person, you can get cash for your goods instantly on making a transaction; however, be sure to take someone with you and meet in a public place rather than just inviting anyone into your home.

  • Watch for red flags: Red flags can include weird website links sent to you by the buyer, excuses for why payment isn’t going through, no review ratings on a site that allows them, or the inability or unwillingness to share contact details and their full name.

  • Watch out for marketplace scams: Unfortunately, there are scammers on the marketplace. To try and avoid these scams, always take a close look at the profile of the buyer. 

    A buyer with a relatively empty profile or no reviews or positive ratings can be a red flag. Also, buyers that don’t want to meet in person can sometimes be fake individuals.

What are the best ways to price items for sale?

It can be challenging to decide how to price the items you plan to sell online. These tips and tricks will enable you to pick the perfect price for your piece and allow you to get the most money for your stuff.

  • Competitor research: Before listing your items, be sure to run a search for similar products on sale. This will give you a better idea of what price competitors are selling their stuff for and how much you can realistically make.

  • Take advantage of seasonal selling: You aren’t likely to get the best price possible for a heater in summer and a fan in winter. Be mindful of what item you’re trying to sell when and ensure that your goods match the season you’re currently in. For example, you will probably get the best price on your old skis right before the season.

  • Add extra value: Buyers want to feel like their getting value for their money. Can you throw in an item of additional value, for instance, scatter cushions for your couch or some baby clothes with that old crib? Think about what you can do to make your listing stand out from the rest.

  • Should you do cash or e-transfer? Being paid in cash means you’ll get your money instantly and you can be guaranteed payment, but carrying around large wads of cash can be dangerous. If you opt instead to accept money via e-transfer, be sure to ask for an immediate transfer, so the money clears in your account instantly.

Buying and Selling is a Serious Side Hustle

A woman lying on wooden floor
A successful businesswoman

Selling your old stuff locally and online is easier now than it ever has been. Selling items online can be a fantastic way to recoup some of the original value while decluttering your home, and it’s a great way to make some extra cash. 

All you need to do is pick the platform that will yield you the best buyers for your products, be savvy about creating your listing, and protect yourself from potential scam artists.

Do you have any more tips and tricks for selling your stuff online that we haven’t mentioned here? We would love to hear your thoughts. Please do share them with us in the comments below.

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